Call for closer collaboration on research

The Centre Group in the Nordic Council is calling for better conditions for research in the Nordic Region. "Closer Nordic collaboration will benefit the individual research units but above all it will put Nordic research on a far better footing in the face of global competition”, says President of the Nordic Council, Dagfinn Høybraaten.
The proposal from the Centre Group places particular emphasis on the need to harmonise the work of the national research councils and on opening up the national research programmes. Dagfinn Høybraaten, a member of the Centre Group says:

"If the Nordic welfare model is to cope with the demands of the future, we must provide the best possible conditions for innovation, education and research. We will, for example be dependent on mobility and dynamism in the research environment. We need to make it easier and more attractive for Nordic researchers to work anywhere in the region. Hopefully this proposal will go some way towards generating exciting new research projects and, in particular, will help produce Nordic research of a high international calibre," he added.

Source: Nordic Council