Call for Researcher Networks still open until 16:00, April 1st

It is still possible to submit applications to NordForsk’s call for Researcher Networks. The call is open for applications in any field of research, and closing time is 16:00 April 1st 2009.
NordForsk aims to bring together prominent research groups in the Nordic and the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training at the Nordic, European and international levels.

The NordForsk networks should aim to establish joint research training in a given field, to consolidate research as a basis for joint European or international projects, or to strengthen a given field of research in order to establish a new Nordic Centre of Excellence. It is decisive that PhD students and young researchers participate actively and that the network results in constructive cooperation that can extend beyond the period of NordForsk financing.

The Call is open for applications in any field of research.

As a special effort Spring 2009, NordForsk provides 3,6 MNOK as earmarked funds for research training activities within the humanities and social sciences. Applications are invited from excellent Nordic research environments within the humanities and social sciences, which aim to establish a researcher network with a focus on developing joint researcher training activities.

The complete call is available at the NordForsk Application Portal