Co-operation Ministers Focus on Visibility and Competitiveness

Friday 29 February 2008 the Nordic Co-operation Ministers passed a resolution on the strategic direction for the Nordic Council of Ministers in the period ahead. The ministers agreed upon the need to further develop the research and innovation area, enhance the education area, analyse the consequences of climate change on the Nordic natural resources and profile the Nordic region as a centre for creative industries. Additionally, cooperation within the energy field will be strengthened.
 Co-operation Ministers Focus on Visibility and Competitiveness
The Ministers’ meeting focused on efforts that can enhance the competitiveness of the Nordic region in a globalised world. Approximately 60 Million DKK are set aside to this initiative, which constitute the start-up of the Nordic countires’ joint globalisation effort.

– We strengthen nordic collaboration within numerous fields in order to enhance our competitiveness and visibility within the EU and towards other international organisations, Co-operation Minister Cristina Husmark Pehrson and General Secretary Halldór Ásgrímsson accentuated.

– Nordic collaboration aims to be a powerful and modern partner on the global arena and create Nordic added value. We can now see the outline of the Nordic collaboration of the future, they said.

8-9 April a globalisation forum is organised in Riksgränsen in Sweden. The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt will host the meeting.


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