-Co-operation strengthens the Nordic countries in a European context

-Strong co-operation makes the Nordic region as competitive as any European state when it comes to research, said secretary general Per Unckel of the Nordic Council of Ministers in a conference in Bergen on food safety organised by SAFEFOODERA.
Researchers and representatives for funding agencies in Europe were gathered in Bergen by the EU project SAFEFOODERA for a common European research platform for food safety. The project involves partners from 18 European countries.

Per Unckel said that a close Nordic co-operation contributes to the strong position of the Nordic region in Europe, especially in research and innovation. This strength should be used to make the Nordic region a constructive partner in international research, Unckel stated.

The objective of the conference is to approach a common European research programme in food safety. The Nordic countries are leaders in this field through the network SAFEFOODERA.

The project is co-ordinated by Nordic InnovationCenter advisor Oddur Gunnarsson.

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