Council of ministers wants research on forestry and food

The Nordic Council of Ministers will concentrate more closely on forestry research and food research. This was decided when the Nordic ministers responsible for fisheries, agriculture, forestry and food met in Akureyri, Iceland, recently.
The Nordic ministers underline the need for forestry research in order to understand how the climatic changes affect the forest. They also want deeper insight in how the forest can be able to reduce the damage of natural disasters such as extreme weather conditions. The ministers also point out the need for research in fields that can show ways to coordinate forestry, economy and biodiversity. The ministers also wish to promote bioenergy and the use of environmentally sound wood products and new methods of wood conversion.

At the same meeting food research was defined as a new priority area. The Council of Ministers points out the need for analyzing the connections between life style, eating habits and health, in order to maintain a high quality of life in the Nordic countries. The background for this decision is an increasing number of persons developing overweight followed by health problems.

The ministers also passed a new strategy for protecting the Nordic gene resources. This strategy was extended to include gene resources in fishing and fish farming in addition to gene resources in agriculture and forestry.

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