Danish globalisation strategy stirs up research

The Danish Government‘s strategy for Denmark in the global economy recommends major reforms for the universities and research training. Among other things university mergers and greater competition for research funding might be the results of the implementation of the strategy.
The strategy proposes that the universities should have the possibility of using salary as a means to attract the best researchers. In addition, the basic fundings for the universities should be distributed according to the quality of the universities, the strategy recommends. The strategy authors also want to establish elite educations in order to present challenges for the best students. In general, it will be a demand that education and research results are produced according to the needs of society. Great mergers between universities and research sector institutes might soon be a reality, which some environments have already protested against.

The biggest federation of employers, HTS, among others, has stated to newspaper Politiken that major mergers between universities and sector research might lead to important knowledge disappearing. This might be knowledge about child care, food safety and agriculture.
"From the point of view of the industry, we need the best quality possible in legislation, and we need the political process to be based on analysis of what actually works. This is a very important task for most resarch institutes, but does not give extra points in the universities. So we are deeply concerned that the knowledge we are getting today will be deprioritised", says managing director of HTS, Ole Krog to Politiken.

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