Danish medical research lacks funding

The Danish Medical Research Council received a record-breaking number of applications for their last funding opportunity. They only had 180 million DKK for grants, which is 14 percent of the total amount the researchers applied for.
"There is a need for a noticeable increase in the investments in Danish medical research. The development of new treatments is expensive, and if we are to compete internationally and keep offering high quality treatments, there has to be invested more money in independent research. This is where the original ideas are created, says chairman of the The Danish Medical Research Council, professor Finn Cilius Nielsen.

"As the investments in independent medical research in Denmark is stagnating, our neighbouring countries are experiencing growth. In Sweden they have agreed on a doubling od the budgets for the years 2005-2008, and they have 800 million SEK for grants. In Denmark there is a risk that important research activities are not commenced because of lack of funding," Cilius Nielsen says.

He wants career security for young medical researchers in Danish universities, in order to keep them from taking jobs in the industry or clinics.
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