Danish model to encourage brain gain

The health care company Novo Nordisk is launching a new programme to offer talented researchers working abroad the opportunity to return home. Universities and public funding institutions are encouraged to join the programme. The Head of The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) says the programme concept is interesting.
Return Fellowship is the name of the new Danish brain gain programme. A Return Fellowship will enable the scientist working abroad to return to Denmark for a 2-year post-doc position at Novo Nordisk’s R&D facilities. The company will also assist the researchers in finding a new residence, and relocation expenses are covered.

Novo Nordisk is hoping that universities and other public research institutions and funding bodies will contribute to the financing of, and thereby possibly extension of, the programme. Head of the Faculty of Science at Aalborg University describes the idea as “very interesting”, and the head of DTU believes this could be a useful instrument in the tough international competition of attracting the best scientist.

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