Danish research leads the way

Research results from Danish researchers are among the most quoted in the world. From 2004 to 2008 only research results from Swiss researchers are cited more, according to Denmark‘s Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Helge Sander, in his article published in Information 4 January 2010.
 Danish research leads the way
For the first time, we have an overview of how Danish research is doing as a whole, thanks to the Research Barometer 2009 (Forskningsbarometeret 2009). Danish research holds a very high quality, and our researchers are among the best in the world. This is great, and important. At the same time, investing in research and research based education is good business.

Climate research is a good example of an area in which politicians demand more research based knowledge. Regarding publications within this research area, Denmark is ranked as number 19 internationally. Proportional to our population, we are in fifth place. Ice core research is one of the areas in which Denmark holds top competence internationally.

Over the latest years, we have seen a positive change of attitude in many public research communities, leading to a higher degree of openness towards collaborating with businesses and other external partners. Nevertheless, we must try even harder to obtain an optimal profit from the many billions invested in research over the past years.

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Photo: Helge Sander, av Ole Mortensen, Tilsted.com
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