Danish researchers need new infrastructure

The Danish Council for Strategic Research has conducted an analysis of Danish researchers‘ needs for infrastructure. It turns out that they need apparatus, collections, databases and libraries for 300 million DKK here and now.
The report, which was conducted by a working group established by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, shows that the immediate need for modernisation of infrastructure amounts to 300 million DKK, but that there is also a need for long-term investments over the coming decade of approximately 2 billion DKK. Moreover, the working group adds that there is a need for increased contributions to internatinal research infrastructure in the same period.

The working group consisted of research director Sine Larsen (chair, and member of the board of the Danish Council for Strategic Research), clinic director Liselotte Højgaard, director Jørgen Kjems and research director Niels Ploug.
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