Denmark and Sweden Collaborate with the US on Energy Research

The Danish Risø National Laboratory, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has signed a collaboration agreement with the leading American research laboratory for renewable energy (NREL). In Sweden, the Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Maud Olofsson, has signed an agreement on energy research with the US.
 Denmark and Sweden Collaborate with the US on Energy Research
On 28 June 2007, a new collaboration agreement between Sweden and the US was signed. The agreement implies enhanced collaboration between the two countries regarding renewable energy. Research and development activities will be the main focus of cooperation.

The agreement between Danish Risø DTU and American NREL was signed the day before. The two parties already enjoy a well-established collaboration in the wind energy area. The new agreement will pave the way for expanding and maximising the effect of their existing collaboration, but focus will also be directed at other technologies within renewable energy research. “With this agreement, we hope a solid platform for collaboration can be established between our nations. I also think this collaboration sends a clear signal that change is under way in American energy policy-making”, Risø’s Managing Director Jørgen Kjems, says.