Denmark gives priority to research education

Denmark gives priority to educating new researchers. The government proposes to increase the appropriations to research with 90 million euro and also increase the number of PhD students considerably.
At the same time the government puts on speed a foundation for granting money to high tech research, which by 2012 is meant to hold 2 billion euro. These proposals will increase today’s 1000 PhD students per year to 1500 per year by 2006. Already next year the number will be 1300.

At the same time the Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen notifies an alteration of the government’s research policy. “This is an adjustment of our own way of thinking. I admit that we’ve been skeptical to picking the winners. Now we want to be more goal oriented than we’ve been before” Fogh Rasmussen says, mentioning Finnish research policy as a pattern. The government finds money for this priority of research by selling state firms like the Danish postal services, among other things.

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