Denmark: New action plan for innovation

The Danish technology and innovation council (Rådet for Teknologi og Innovation - RTI) has published a new action plan for Danish innovation in the period 2007-2010. More than 70 concrete proposals will help make Denmark one of the world‘s most innovative countries.
Three billion DKK have been allocated to the project called "InnovationDanmark 2007-2010". One of the objectives is to make Danish companies more innovative through highly educated staff. In concrete matters this means that RTI wants 5000 more companies to become innovative, and 2000 more companies to hire highly educated people.

In addition, there will be more exchange of knowledge between companies and knowledge institutions. The Danish want to double the number of so-called industry PhD‘s, which means that 500 more of those will be launched. Equally many projects will be established for the exchange of knowledge between companies and knowledge insitutions.

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