Denmark spreads funding thickly

The Strategic Research and Research Training Division under the Danish Reserch Agency has decided on new regulations for research funding. Now the fundings will get bigger and last longer, in order for Denmark to strengthen its international competitiveness.
"It is necessary to prioritise strongly", says chairman of the Strategic Research and Research Training Division, Peter Elvekjær. "With this initiative we are sending out a signal that the funding that we grant will be not be spread thinly. Quite the opposite. We are establishing bigger, longer lasting and more consistent fundings".

Elvekjær wants the new fundings to make a difference. This demands a close dialogue with those who are going to use the results of the research in order to secure relevance for the public. The Strategic Research and Research Training Division has 410 million DKK for strategic programmes in 2006, og which 112 million will be spent on researcher training.
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