Denmark steers the Nordic ship

- We shall support each other, promote our interests and guide the way in areas such as climate, top-level research and removal of obstacles to cross-border freedom of movement, states the Danish Minister for Nordic Co-operation, Bertel Haarder, as Denmark takes on the 2010 Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
 Denmark steers the Nordic ship
Increased researcher mobility, research collaboration, effective dissemination of new knowledge, research infrastructure, and research and innovation networks are some of the key areas emphasized in the programme of the 2010 Danish Presidency. – The heart of the Nordic welfare societies is education, states Haarder, who encourages a continued focus on Nordic education and research collaboration.

Climate and environmental issues remain key areas. The ongoing Nordic effort on globalisation will continue, and the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative is referred to as a flagship within this area. – The Top-level Research Initiative contributes in a concrete and visible manner to the Nordic region’s leading position within climate and energy, Haarder states in his speech at the launch of Denmark’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The financial crisis has shown that we are vulnerable, and that we need to stick together, Haarder continues, noting that it is important to make use of the geographical vicinity and cultural community of the Nordic region in a practical and concrete manner. Cross-border freedom of movement is the key to facilitate an unhindered movement for citizens and businesses across the Nordic borders. However, Haarder is not willing to translate this into a debate on an actual political union. – We shall utilize the unique fact that the citizens of the Nordic countries share a value base, and a trust in the State, the region and the surrounding world. We will make the most of the Nordic region as a mental union, Haarder concludes.

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Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Photo: Johannes Jansson,

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