Denmark: Universities and knowledge enterprises don’t cooperate

The knowledge-based service industry cooperates very little with Danish universities. A new report shows that only one in five knowledge based service enterprises cooperates with a university in developing their services.
The survey includes 30 % of all Danish knowledge-based service enterprises with at least 10 employees, approximately 700 units. The survey iwas carried out by the University of Aalborg in collaboration with ECON Analysis. The trades examined include company consultancies within computer service, technology, design and management, media consulting, PR, broadcasting and financial services such as pension funds, insurance and financial institutes.

”It is a great surprise and very worrying that service industries like advisory engineers and consultants don’t cooperate optimally with our universities. We will bring these results with us into the Governments work with the globalisation strategy. One of its central themes is increased cooperation between universities and Danish enterprises”, Minister of Science Helge Sander said.

Read the report here
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