Denmark wants larger chunk of EU money

Applying for EU funding can be so demanding that many researchers give up. The Board of the Danish Council for Strategic Research thinks this is a shame and launches 30 million DKK for networking among potentially EU-funded researchers.
The 30 million DKK will be distributed over the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 and will lend a helping hand to researchers that wish to establish cooperation and develop projects to compete for EU funding. "We will improve our participation in the many programmes that the EU offers. At the Board of the Danish Council for Strategic Research we hope that this initiative will stimulate more researchers to go for large EU-projects, hopefully also as coordinators or in other leading roles," says chairman Peter Elvekjær.

The 500 million that Denmark receives annually through EU‘s large research framework programmes are not sufficiently ambitious, Elvekjær thinks: "The new EU budget shows a notable increase for research and innovation. Therefore this is the moment for Denmark to make an effort," he says.

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