Denmarks brightest young researchers awarded prize

The Danish Independent Research Council has for the first time awarded their Young Researcher‘s Award to 24 researchers to ensure them optimal working conditions for the coming years. The total prize amount is 46 million DKK.
24 researchers under the age of 35 will now secure the growth of Danish research:
"We have to spoil our brightest researchers - the elite. At the same time we have to make special efforts for the young. Otherwise we will not be able to keep them in research. The Danish Independent Research Council‘s initiative will ensure that 24 of the greatest talents of the young generation get the best working conditions in the coming years", says chairperson Nina Smith.

It is a growing concern for many in the research council system that many young people do not see research as an attractive carreer. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to keep the ones they have, due to decreasing or non-consistent funding.

The prize amount awarded to each winner will vary based on the amount that the researcher applied for to start with. In addition to the prize amount each winner will receive 100.000 DKK to spend according to need: Some will use it for equipment, others will need it to travel.

Read more at The Danish Independent Research Council (Danish text)

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