DKK 1.4 million for studies on knowledge and innovation

The Nordic Council of Ministers announces funding for studies on knowledge and innovation. In total DKK 1.4 million have been allocated for the project, which will include four complementary studies.
The results are supposed to contribute to policy development in the fields of knowledge and innovation. The deadline for applications is December 19, 2005.

The four studies represent different approaches to the theme knowledge and innovation:
• Study 1: Strategies for cooperation between research, higher education and enterprises. Where are we and what is effective? Nordic comparative study.
Budget: DKK 335.000

• Study 2: Comparative analysis of the systems in the Nordic countries for quality assurance in higher education.
Budget: DKK 235.000

• Study 3: Consequences of opening national research programmes to all the Nordic countries; benefits and disadvantages. What are the costs of not opening?
Budget: DKK 535.000 (Pilot study: DKK 75.000)

• Study 4: Reading skills in the Nordic countries. How can for instance the results of the Pisa surveys be explained?
Budget: DKK 335.000

The deadline for applications is December 19.

Questions about the studies can be addressed to
• Rene Belsø, tlf.: +45.33960251; +45.29692951;
• Kate Runeberg, tlf.: +45.33960383; +45.29692986;

Read the whole project account here
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