(E)QUALITY 2009 – Nordic conference on gender equality in research

Quality in research is important. But what do we actually mean by quality? How can it be measured and strengthened? And what role does gender play in this? The relation between gender equality and quality in research will be the main theme at the conference (E)QUALITY 2009, which is held in Oslo, March 23-24.
 (E)QUALITY 2009 – Nordic conference on gender equality in research
The introductory speaker of this Nordic conference on research polity is the Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education, Tora Aasland. – This will be an opportunity to coordinate the debate within the Nordic research communities, and to initiate a dialogue on how the European Union can contribute to enhancing the share of women in research, Aasland states to Women in Science – Norway.

NordForsk is one of the organisers of (E)QUALITY 2009, which will take place March 23-24 2009 at Felix Conference Centre, centrally located in Oslo. Several researchers and research-political actors will attend the conference, among others professor Mineke Bosch, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, professor Gabriele Griffin, University of York, Great Britain, Anneli Pauli, Deputy Director-General, DG Research, European Commission, and also the Director of NordForsk, Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist.

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References: http://kvinneriforskning.no/nyhet/vis.html?tid=54850

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Photo: Tora Aasland, by Arild Hjelm, Nordbild

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