An historical long-term agreement

An historical long-term agreement

The Nordic countries have signed a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding to continue the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). This is an historical, long-term agreement that gives stability and political support to the infrastructure sphere.

Pentti Pulkkinen, Director of the Management Support Unit at the Academy of Finland and chair of the NeIC says:

Pentti Pulkkinen

- The NeIC has come of age. It is a collaboration that we can and want to have a dialogue with and that is evolving all the time. The Nordic countries have different needs, but history has shown us that most of these are common problems. It is crucial that the NeIC functions in a flexible manner and can facilitate cooperation at the cross-national level.


Per Öster is Director of Research Environments at CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd, which operates and develops e-Infrastructure in Finland. He explains:

Per Öster

- It is obvious to all countries that this joint effort through the NeIC has really paid off. It has accelerated discoveries in the field of high-energy physics, e.g. the Higgs Particle. Now we see rapidly growing needs for data analysis in the biosciences, humanities and earth sciences, etc. Under this agreement between the Nordic countries, we can help the researchers to become more efficient and productive. The research councils have set the level of ambition high.



- We are not working together just in the name of cooperation. Our joint efforts should bring added value. When we see there is added value at the national level we can transfer the results of the Nordic cooperation to the national level to achieve even more.

Jacko Koster

Jacko Koster, Director of the Department of Information Technology, Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC)







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Photos: Terje Heiestad

Text: Linn Hoff Jensen