An extraordinary initiative

Photo: Johannes Jansson,

An extraordinary initiative

The “Top-level Research Initiative” is a rather ambitious name. But then again, the initiative is rather extraordinary, writes the Swedish Research Council’s web magazine, Curie.

“What is unique about the initiative is that all of the funding is placed in a common pot, and everyone can apply for it,” says Magnus Friberg, Research Officer at the Swedish Research Council and chair of the programme committee for the Top-level Research Initiative’s sub-programme “Interaction between climate change and the cryosphere”.

“Normally in international cooperation, each party covers the costs of its own research activities, or each country seeks to get out as much funding as it has put in. We funders often make this a requirement, and it always creates difficulties. We have found that the common pot works best,” says Mr Friberg.

Read the article in the Swedish Research Council’s web magazine, Curie. (Swedish only)

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