Ensuring Quality of Service for the User in the ERA

9th international Conference on Current Research Information Systems. June 5-7th, 2008 in Maribor, Slovenia
Quality and reliability are key factors for achieving the European Research Area (ERA). To establish an environment where researchers, technology and knowledge freely circulate and where national and regional research activities, programmes and policies are coordinated at the European level, trust in the enabling information and technology is crucial. By ensuring completeness, consistency and reliability of information and by providing dedicated services to different groups of stakeholders, current research information systems (CRIS) play an important role in the ERA e-Infrastructure.

CRIS 2008 focuses on how quality, reliability and trust can be established at different levels of research information systems, and how they contribute to the overall quality of service from a user’s point of view. The conference is aimed at promoting scientific discussion on CRIS-related aspects and information exchange on best practice examples. CRIS 2008 continues the tradition of encouraging the sharing of experiences among developers, producers and users of research information systems. CRIS 2008 seeks also to foster discussion on novel approaches and ideas on international dialogue, pan-European cooperation, and the transfer and use of information related to CRIS.

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