ERA-net: Better exploitation of national resources

"The original idea behind the ERA-nets was better exploitation of the resources. Now we need to find out how we can to this to make the world a better place," said Niels Busch, chair of the meeting held by NordForsk in Brussels 13th June.
NordForsk had invited approximately 25 participants, of which several central actors in different ERA-nets, to the symposium "Lessons learned from ERA-nets" in Brussels 13th June. In the discussion it was mentioned that there are substantial differences between the national approaches to budgets, administration and focus areas, but that there is great will to cooperate and commit. When it comes to the Nordic participation in ERA-nets, this participation is characterised by common priorities and good communication. Still, the EU bureaucracy is not as large an obstacle as the national ones are, one participant said. Also, Nordic seed money is important to give national authorities an extra incentive to grant extra funding.
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