ERC Starting Grants: National Initiatives Provide Further Funding

France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain have launched national initiatives offering the possibility for financial support to finalists of the first ERC Starting Grant competition whose proposals cannot be funded by the ERC due to budgetary limits. ERC President Fotis Kafatos welcomes the national efforts.
Agence National de Recherche in France, The Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and the Swiss National Science Foundation have launched initiatives to support the researchers from French, Spanish and Swiss host institutions respectively, who passed the ERC quality threshold but who will not get ERC funding.

A call for proposals has also been launched by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. It is open to all Starting Grant finalists who passed the ERC quality threshold but who will not get ERC funding, the condition being that their research will be performed in Italy.

In a news release by the ERC on 2 April 2008 Prof Fotis Kafatos, ERC president, says:

"The ERC is pleased with this clear sign of support of the ERC‘s funding strategy for
the next generation of researcher leaders. It is an early acknowledgement of the
intrinsic quality of the ERC‘s peer review evaluation mechanisms, which we aim to
further develop and refine on the basis of experience. It also demonstrates the
commitment of European funding bodies, including the ERC and national actors, to
work together towards the common objective of making European research the best
in the world."

ERC press release on the national initiatives 2008-04-02

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