eScience is the future

eScience is the future

- eScience is about future scientific revolutions and about the development and application of new advanced tools within information and communication technology, says Secretary General in the Nordic Council of Minister, Halldór Ásgrímsson. - This is a model for good Nordic cooperation!

When the Nordic Ministers of Education and Research in the autumn of 2010 decided to start eScience as a Nordic globalisation project, an effort and a force for future Nordic research cooperation within very important selected areas such as climate and health were created.

I am very positive to the manner in which we in the Nordic Council of Ministers have been able to cooperate with NordForsk and the national financing bodies to contribute to development, increased competitiveness and visibility of eScience as a Nordic strength. I have great ambitions for this field and I see a great potential for further Nordic cooperation around the Baltic Sea and in Europe.

In addition, it will be exciting to see how this venture can create synergies with other projects in relation to infrastructure and higher education. I am looking forward to the continued cooperation within this area with NordForsk, Nordunet and the national research funding agencies and institutions.

NordForsk is at the moment in the process of employing a new director for eScience.

Read more about the eScience globalisation initiative here!

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