-Establish one Nordic research council!

-Let all the money go to one Nordic research council instead of the national ones, suggests Bo Samuelsson. He is the leader og ScanBalt, Europe‘s first meta network within biomedical research and development, supported by NordForsk, Nordic Innovations Centre and the EU.
-None of our networks are large enough to be internationally competitive. We are not that many in the Nordic countries. While the Europeans in 1950 made up 25 percent of the world’s population, the proportion will probably go down to 7 percent in 2050. We then have to obtain a critical mass through regional co-operation in order to be visible in the world, Samuelsson states.

Samuelsson says that the Nordic research councils have not been very interested in the ScanBalt co-operation. The networks are supported by NordForsk, Nordic Innovations Centre and the EU, but Samuelsson still wants more funding in order to get the regional co-operation going:
-The infrastructure of the region is particularly important. In addition, none of the Nordic countries are large enough to distribute the research funding well. In my opinion, it would be better to end the national research councils and establish a common Nordic research council with the money.

ScanBalt arranges a conference 3-4 November 2005 in co-operation with Medcoast in Oslo.
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