Continued efforts towards the ERA

Continued efforts towards the ERA

On December 13, NordForsk signed a Joint Statement with the European Commission and European stakeholder organisations to continue common efforts to achieve the ERA (European Research Area).

- Nordic-European research collaboration is one of the goals set out in NordForsk’s 2011-14 strategy, and our collaboration with the Commission and the stakeholder organisations has proved to increase our focus on added value by cross-border collaboration for example in the field of research infrastructure, says NordForsk Director Gunnel Gustafsson.

ERA stakeholders, 13.12.13The Joint Statement is a continuation of the Memorandum of Understanding from July 2012. Since then, NordForsk has achieved a number of concrete actions; Update of our Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) grants agreement to ensure open recruitment and open access to publications, and gender issues are better taken into account within research teams. The NordForsk Board has approved of NordForsk’s gender policy, which addresses both gender balance and a gender perspective with regard to research activities funded. The Board has also adopted Science Europe’s principles for open access to research publications.

The dialogue with the other partners has been very fruitful, and we can learn from and get inspired by each other. NordForsk has been able to contribute with our experiences from cross-border collaboration and common pot achievements in the Nordic region and beyond.

The co-signing partners are: The European Commission, Science Europe, LERU, EUA, EARTO, CESAER and NordForsk.


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Text: Anne Riiser
Main photo: The flags of the Nordic countries and the European Union in Brussels by Silje Bergum Kinsten/
Smaller photo: from the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation