"European Paradox must be overcome"

In the official conclusions after the conference Investing in Research and Innovation the organisors state that "the European Paradox must be overcome". The paradox lies in the the problem of turning research results into globally competitive prroducts.
The conference, organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers and among others NordForsk, in cooperation with the EU Commission, was held in Copenhagen 16-18 October 2006. In the conclusions the organisors state that the gap between research and its application is wide, but that the two issues cannot be regarded as separate anymore. "There is a need to reinforce the bridges between education, research and innovation", it is concluded.

The talents will be cultivated and researcher careers will be strengthened throughout Europe. It is important for researchers to have the same rights and obligations wherever they might work in the entire European area. This way Europe will be able to make the most of the potential, including the economical one, that lies in research.

The Copenhagen Conference conclusions will be published on the web pages of the conference, www.n-iri.org.
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