European Research Council supports young researchers

In the launch strategy of the European Research Council (ERC) shows that the grant scheme to appear at the start of the EU Commission‘s 7th Framework programme for research will be earmarked young, starting researchers.
The first grant scheme from ERC under the 7th Framework programme will be the Starting Independent Researcher Grant (SIRG), which will take up about one third of the ERC annual budget, probably in the order of 7,5 billion euros for the total period of the 7th Framework (2007-2013). The target group of SIRG will be researchers starting up their first research team or establishing research programmes. There will probably be 200 SIRG grants per year from 2007, each of approximately 0,1-0,4 million euros per year for up to five years. The applicants must not be more than 10 years away from having been awarded a PhD degree.
The first calls of SIRG will be launched as soon as the 7th Framework has been approved.
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