Excellent Nordic-Russian Research Collaboration

In order to strengthen Nordic-Russian cooperation in the knowledge sector, the Nordic Council of Ministers is establishing a joint Nordic-Russian programme on research and education in cooperation with relevant Russian authorities. NordForsk initiates Preparatory Actions through a call to intensify NCoE research collaboration with Northwest Russia.
 Excellent Nordic-Russian Research Collaboration
NCM : Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme
The overall framework of the cooperation is the Knowledge Building and Networking Programme launched by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim of the process is to obtain a formal agreement with the relevant authorities of Northwest Russia about joint priorities and, if possible, joint funding of Nordic-Russian cooperation in research and education.

In order to prepare for the planned programme, the Nordic Council of Ministers will fund Preparatory actions in 2008.

NordForsk : Research Initiatives
NordForsk launches Preparatory Actions through a call addressed to the four ongoing NCoE Programmes in Molecular Medicine; Welfare; Food, Nutrition and Health; and Humanities and Social Sciences, respectively.

The NordForsk call aims to strengthen the NCoEs’ research collaboration with Northwest Russia. The NCoEs provide a platform for reaching Northwest Russian partners in thematic areas established by NordForsk and the Nordic research councils to be of Nordic excellence.

For further questions, please contact:

Senior Advisor Harald Botha
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Senior Advisor Harry Zilliacus
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e-mail: harry.zilliacus@nordforsk.org

Senior Advisor Erlendur Helgason
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