Excellent Research Requires Excellent Leadership

Two prime recommendations may sum up the main conclusions of the NCoE-symposium 12-13 March in Oslo: “Focus on strong leadership” and “Make plans for the exit strategy from day one”.
 Excellent Research Requires Excellent Leadership
One of the spokesmen for these recommendations was professor Ruprecht Jaenicke, member of the scientific advisory board for the NCoE programme on Global Change. “Leaderhip quality, along with scientific quality, should be among the selection criteria for the NCoEs”, he said.

Identifying good leadership might be difficult, though. Selecting excellent scientific quality is comparatively easy, according to Jaenicke. There are several rankings etc. available. “Selecting the excellent leadership is the difficult part,” he said.

Jaenicke also emphasized the importance of research communication. To push for web based activities and public recognition is an important task for the SABs, he perceived. Requirements and expectations regarding the NCoEs’ web activities should be clarified and agreed upon from the beginning.

Exit Strategy
Five years of collaboration in a Nordic Centre of Excellence – and then what? Continued cooperation between the research groups even after the programme period has come to an end, is an important objective of the NCoE programme. This requires careful planning and strategic initiatives – during the project period. The need for effective exit strategies was emphasized by several speakers at the symposium. Planning of the programme start-up and exit should be parallel processes, Ruprecht Jaenicke said in his speech.

100 Nordic researchers and decision makers participated at a so called NORIA-symposium at Lysebu Conference Centre 12-13 March. The objective of the seminar was to share experiences, make evaluations and formulate recommendations for the Nordic Centers of Excellence programme concept. The symposium was organised by NordForsk.

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