"Fewer universities, stronger research"

"We get three large universities that in the matter of resources will be among the largest in Europe. This will improve our chances of keeping and attracting the best students and researchers," says Danish Minster of Science Helge Sander.
This means that the Danish government has now decided on the new university structure, and an intense period in Danish university history has come to an end. The process has met strong reactions among some of the involved parties.

The three new large universities will be the University of Copenhagen, The University of Aarhus and The Technical University of Denmark. Two thirds of public Danish research and university education will take place in these institutions. Also The University of Southern Denmark and The University of Aalborg will be merged with sector institutions.

"This is a plan with great possibilities. The new University of Copenhagen will be an even stronger international university - and we will have one of the largest European investments in health and life sciences. We will now start preparing the best possible integration process, says Chairperson of the Board at Copenhagen University, Bodil Nyboe Andersen.

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