Finland wants four-step researcher career

Finland should develop a four-step model for their researcher careers. This remains the conclusion in a report written by a working group established by the Finnish Ministry of Education.
The working group was established in October 2004 in order to develop a strategy for a new organising of the researcher career in Finland. In addition, the Ministry wants to make the researcher career more inviting, also in a gender equality and international context.

The four steps should according to the working group consist of: PhD candidate, researcher doctor, academy or university researcher and finally academy professor, professor or research professor.

According to the working group, the greatest challenges in the researcher career is short-term emplyment, difficulties in moving across sectors, the combination of external research funding and career development, women‘s possibilities of continuing their researcher careers, the lack of international mobility, the low number of foreign researchers in Finland, the attractivity of the researchers, their economical situation and the dimension of the research training.

The working group suggests that a four-step model is developed, concerning not only the universities and institutes, but also other sectors where researchers are employed. They want the Academy of Finland‘s, Tekes‘ and foundations‘ funding instruments to be developed in parallel with the structure of researcher positions at the universities and institutes. According to the report the working group wants to shed some light at the different stages of researcher careers and establish common criteria for the evaluation of researchers. The new model will be co-financed, but they suggest increased funding for the Academy of Finland and the universities.

Read more at the Ministry of Education.
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