Finnish health research to be reviewed in London

The Academy of Finland launches a pilot programme where Finnish applications for funding are reviewed by British scientists in London. In this way the Academy hopes to further strengthen their evaluation process.
"The high quality of research within medicine and health carried out in Great Britain and the appreciation of British scientists who have previously participated in our review panels have highly contributed to initiating this pilot", states Dr Riitta Mustonen, Director of the Health Research Unit of the Academy of Finland.

Today‘s evaluation procedures are based on peer review panels of international experts. This is necessary in a population of 5,4 million people where there is extensive collaboration and competition among the national researchers.
By organising peer review regionally in a different country the Academy obtains a more uniform scientific background in the panels.
"We believe that this exercise will attract attention also among other European funding agencies", Dr Mustonen says.

Read more at the Academy of Finland.
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