Finnish Minister of Environment: ”More research collaboration is needed”

”The Nordic countries have to concentrate on a renewed and extended collaboration, not only among the Nordic countries but throughout the entire Baltic region. This is necessary to strengthen the Nordic countries in the competition for European research funding as well as in the increasingly difficult international competition”, Jan-Erik Enestam writes in an article in Hufvudstadsbladet. Enestam is Finnish Minister of Environment and Minister for Nordic collaboration.
Enestam mentions that the Nordic countries were ranged very high on the World Economic Forum’s list of the most competitive countries in the world. Finland was on the top, Sweden number three, Denmark number four, Iceland number five and Norway number nine.

”Considering the fact that the Nordic countries are small, have a high tax level and big public sectors with extensive welfare systems, it can seem like a paradox that these countries at the same time are among the most competitive in the world” Enestam writes.

He emphasizes that the Nordic starting point for research and development is very good in a global perspective. “The Nordic countries spend on average more than 3 % of GDP on R&D. Our weaknesses are lack of critical mass, lack of visibility for Nordic research and the fact that epoch-making innovation are made elsewhere”, Enestam means.

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