Finnish professor awarded Jahre Prize

Professor Sirpa Jalkanen of the University of Turku is awarded the Anders Jahre‘s award for medical research as recognition of outstanding scientific achievement or research results in the Nordic countries. The award includes a grant of NOK 1 million. Jalkanen is awarded the prize for her outstanding research on inflammation processes.
-It is a great honor for me to be recognised for my work, she says to Uniforum. The prize will be awarded at the University of Oslo on Firday 21 october 2005.

Sirpa Jalkanen shows how white blood cells attach themselves to the blood vessel walls in damaged tissue and penetrates further into the tissue. Jalkanen specially studies the inflammation of joints but her findings have proved relevant to all types of inflammations in addition to cancer research and research on reumatism.

The Anders Jahre Prize for young researchers is awarded jointly to Olli Ritvos of the University of Helsinki (Biomedicum) and Weimin Ye of the Karoliska Institutet. Ritvos is awarded the prize for his research on growth factors relevant to reproduction. Ye is awarded the prize for the demonstration of a possible connection between stomach infections and throat cancer.
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