Is there a Nordic willingness to research?

The report "Vilja till forskning?", written by a High Level Group on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research, was the basis for the work shop which was held in Oslo on 20 March. The report was presented by one of the authors - Kristin Clemet, former Norwegian Minister of Education and Research.
Is there a Nordic willingness to research?

Photo: Terje Heiestad

In the report the High Level Group gives proposals on how more value can be created to promote Nordic co-operation between research and innovation. The report contains seven different proposals in four selected areas that are most important to develop - interaction between research, higher education and innovation, the Nordic-EU relations, researcher mobility and joint use of infrastructure.

The work shop was a joint initiative between NordForsk and the Norwegian presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers and gathered a large number of participants from all Nordic countries to discuss the report and the interaction between higher education, research and technology (the knowledge triangle), the interaction between the Nordic countries and Europe, joint use of infrastructure and researcher mobility. The day was concluded with a lively final debate on Nordic added value, the importance of a brand for the Nordic countries, having perhaps a Nordic strategy for cooperation, and that the Nordic countries may work active on immigration of knowledge.

The report is now out for consultation in the Nordic countries before its contents and possible measures will be discussed at a ministerial meeting later this spring.


Text: Marius Hagen

Photo: Terje Heiestad

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