Focus on gender equality in Swedish Research Council

Women and men must have equal opportunities when they apply for funding from the Swedish Research Council. "Gender equality is an important issue that we are concentrating on", says Deputy Director General Gunnel Gustafsson.
In otherwise similar applications to the Swedish Research Council, the underrepresented gender must be prioritised, their strategy stresses. The new aspect is that the board has decided that the council must review the funding proposals from a gender equality perspective before funding is decided.

"If there are differences in funding success between women and men, these differences must be explained. The explanations must then be reported to the board of the Swedish Research Council", says Gunnel Gustafsson.

The new stricter rules are a result of a gender equality report written by the analysis department at the Swedish Research Council. The report shows that men have a greater average funding success than women do. "We will have to analyse further the reasons for this difference", concludes Gunnel Gustafsson.
By 1st November the Swedish Research Council will report their gender equality analysis to the Swedish Government.
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