Focus on Nordic research collaboration

The Norwegian Government presented the new White paper on research, “Climate for Research”, on Friday April 24th. The White paper refers to significant priorities within the Nordic research collaboration.
 Focus on Nordic research collaboration
The White paper pays important attention to the Nordic collaboration. NordForsk is pleased to note that the Government emphasizes areas within this field that are central on our agenda.

One of these areas is the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative. Implementing this initiative successfully, linking national programmes within the areas of climate and renewable energy, is mentioned as a means to further strengthening the Nordic collaboration. Furthermore, the Norwegian Government states that the initiative may contribute to the Nordic co-operation with new and more dynamic ways of working together across the borders of national research programmes.

The Top-level Research Initiative is, along with several other activities within the Nordic collaboration, described as relevant to EU research and new ways of working together. A common use of infrastructure, recruitment and mobility of researchers through Research Schools, along with programme co-operation through the NORIA-nets, are areas mentioned specifically. Such joint priorities and activities may contribute to synergies for all parties involved.

The Norwegian Government’s White paper on research is available here.

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
- Minister of Research and Higher Education, Tora Aasland, by Stig Weston.
- Nikolaj Bock,