Foreigners get political rights at University of Iceland

For the first time foreign students can be elected members of the Student Council of the University of Iceland. The postgraduate student Christian Rauber Rebhan from Germany holds the first seat of the candidate list Háskólalistinn: "I want to improve the university. Foreign students can spot things local students wouldn’t notice," he says.
On 7th and 8th of February there will be elections for the Student Council, and the university is at a turning point. Irani Elham Sadegh Tehrani, head of the Association of Foreign Students of the University of Iceland, sees it this way: "Foreign students at the University of Iceland are steadily increasing. Currently there are 900 foreign students at the university, which means that one out of every ten students is foreign born. If the president wants the University of Iceland to be one of the best in the world the situation of foreign students needs to be improved. We should, for example, have the right to take exams in English."

The University of Iceland has recently launched an ambitious five-year plan, in which one of the objectives is for the university to become leading in a Nordic context in the coming years. "The University of Iceland will still rely on an efficient Nordic collaboration," rector Kristin Ingolfsdottir wrote in an article in the NordForsk publication Nordic Strenght in 2006.