Research on Nordic societal security given priority – notification of upcoming call for proposals

Research on Nordic societal security given priority – notification of upcoming call for proposals

On 15 November 2013, NordForsk and several national funding partners will issue a call for proposals for the establishment of one or more Nordic Centres of Excellence in the area of societal security.

For many years the Nordic countries have cooperated closely on societal security, a field encompassing a wide variety of subject areas. In recent years this cooperation has been bolstered by a number of political initiatives. NordForsk and national funding partners from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland see the need for more Nordic research in this area. To this end, the joint Nordic Societal Security Programme has been launched to develop new knowledge about and solutions for the various challenges facing the Nordic countries with regard to societal security.

One or more Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) for research on societal security will be established under the programme.

Application deadline: 15 January 2014

NordForsk has chosen to announce the upcoming call at this early date to give research groups as much time as possible to prepare their grant applications. The final call for proposals will be published on 15 November 2013 and the application deadline will be 15 January 2014.

Applications must incorporate cooperation between a minimum of three Nordic countries, and the planned research activity must contribute added value to the work already being carried out in this field in the Nordic countries.

Five phase 1 applications have been funded – phase 2 is open to all research groups

The first phase of the process was the call for proposals for preparatory work to establish Nordic Centres of Excellence. The application deadline for the first phase was 14 June 2013. NordForsk received 14 applications, and five of these received NOK 100 000 in funding to prepare applications for the second, and final, phase. The following applicants have been granted phase-one funding:

Britt-Marie Drottz Sjöberg, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Guðrún Gísladóttir, University of Iceland

Peter Burgess, PRIO (Peace Research Institute, Oslo)

Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, Linköping University

Pär Anders Granhag, University of Gothenburg

The first phase was preparatory. Applicants are not required to have taken part in the first phase to submit an application for the 15 January 2014 deadline. The final call for proposals is thus open to all research groups with high-quality Nordic projects.


Text: Linn Hoff Jensen