"First encounter with international cooperation"

44 participants from the 39 new Nordic researcher networks gathered in Oslo 17-18 November.
"First encounter with international cooperation"

A kick-off for new researcher networks is an annual event where project managers or other representatives from the new networks of the year meet to become better acquainted with each other and with NordForsk. Researchers from a wide range of different scientific disciplines meet, presenting research on areas from raindeer to elder care.

- The feedback from these events is very positive, says Erlendur Helgason, Senior adviser at NordForsk and the organiser of the annual kick-off. – We can present NordForsk and our work, and get to know the networks. The participants from the networks have the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues working within areas close to their own, or even research disciplines they might not know existed.

- The network collaboration is the first encounter with international collaboration for many young scientists, said Torben Heick Jensen from Aarhus University. He is the project manager for the network Non-coding RNAs: a paradigm shift in biology. – Through this network, the research environment has a unique opportunity to establish collaboration between young scientists, which is something that hasn’t previously been possible to this extent.

Marta Szebehely from Stockholm University and Nordic network for research on marketisation of elder care was happy to report a strong interest from several Nordic media towards their collaboration. – It seems that our network is established with excellent timing, she explained as she hurried to do three interviews during the kick-off. Debates in several of the Nordic countries have put this subject high on the agenda.

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Photo: Pål Pettersen