Free flow of knowledge in the Baltic Sea Region

The fifth freedom was one of the topics on the second day of the Baltic Development Forum. The Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson, spoke to the delegates about the free flow of knowledge on Monday 1 December.
 Free flow of knowledge in the Baltic Sea Region
"The fifth freedom is part of the actual core of the Nordic Globalisation initiative", said Ásgrímsson on Monday in Bella Center. He emphasised that the Nordic prime ministers stress the importance of strengthening co-operation with the Baltic countries and other regional organisations to increase competitiveness.

Through the Nordplus programmes, for example, which promote mobility for students, researchers, teachers and pupils between the Nordic countries and the three Baltic nations, and research projects funded by NordForsk, the Nordic countries have taken important steps towards establishing the fifth freedom, the free flow of knowledge.

"The Nordic Council of Ministers is now considering taking the initiative to have a common infrastructure for knowledge, the fifth freedom, in the Baltic Sea region. Such an infrastructure could, amongst other things, contain a high capacity network for research co-operation and digital services", said the Secretary General for the Nordic Council of Ministers on Monday. He also mentioned the establishment of eScience as a common research area that could be part of such an infrastructure.

"One of the most interesting, new initiatives for the Nordic Council of Ministers in this area is the initiative for excellence in research", said Ásgrímsson to the Baltic Development Forum on Monday. This initiative will create a platform for increased international co-operation and interaction within the research field, amongst other things.

The Baltic Development Forum has filled Bella Center in Copenhagen with ministers, senior politicians and important members of society from the entire Baltic Sea region. Denmark’s Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, opened the Baltic Development Forum on Sunday 30 November. The forum is taking place in the Øresund Region this year, in Copenhagen and Malmö, and will close on 2 December. This year’s theme is "Energizing the Climate for Business".