From the North Pole to the Nobel Peace Prize

NordForsk and four other Nordic organisations organised a side event on climate change at the annual Session of the Nordic Council 29 October. Børge Ousland gave a lively eyewitness presentation based on several expeditions to the North Pole - and one to the South Pole. Two climate researchers, a professor in Economics, an Industry representative and The Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Åslaug Haga all presented their view on climate change.The Nordic response to the climate challenge is the main theme of the Nordic Council Session in Oslo.
 From the North Pole to the Nobel Peace Prize
When Ousland reached the Pole for the first time, just under 30 years ago, the ice was 30% thicker, there are now far more cracks in the ice, and the melting period starts approximately one month earlier each year. Børge Ousland’s account represented a particularly tangible illustration of the effects of climate changes in the most northern parts of the Arctic Region.

The Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Åslaug Haga, said in her opening address that the Nordic Region ought to be a pioneer in climate issues. Norway is in the process of teaching the other Nordic countries to invest more heavily in renewable energy, for example in the form of offshore wind turbines. The Nordic Region should also take the lead in transferring environmental technology to the poorer regions of the world. Some 1.5 billion people still do not have access to electricity, including 75% of sub-Saharan Africa.

The other speakers were Professor Eirik Schrøder Amundsen of the University of Copenhagen, Professor Anders Lindroth of Lund University who is also co-ordinator of "Nordic Centre of Excellence Global Change", Director Ragnar Eriksen of Green Business Norway and "Nobel Peace Prize winner" Eystein Jansen, one of the main authors of the UN climate report.

Download the presentations (in Scandinavian languages only):

”Klimaendringerne – en stor utfordring!”
Eystein Jansen
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

”NECC - et Nordiskt klimatforskningssentrum”
Anders Lindroth
Lund University, coordinator for NCoE NECC (Global Change)

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”Hvordan fungerer klimavirkemidlerne?”
Eirik S. Amundsen
University of Copenhagen

”Automatisk varslingssystem for vannovervåkning”
Ragnar Eriksen
Green Business Norway

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