Funding for sustainable development

The Nordic Council of Ministers funds projects that contribute to the implementation of the Nordic strategy for sustainable development 2009-2012. The deadline for the submission of applications is 1 December 2009 for initiatives in 2010. The budget is expected to be approx. DKK 2.2 million.
The Nordic Council of Ministers has earmarked funds to stimulate the implementation of its sustainability strategy through joint initiatives in the appropriate sectors. The requirements are:

- min. 50 % co-funding by the sector (under special circumstances self-financing by NGOs or local authorities may be counted as co-funding); and
- a clear link to one or more of the priority areas stipulated in the sustainability strategy.
Priority will also be accorded to project proposals that are multi-sectoral, innovative and generate added value.

To be eligible for grants from the Nordic Council of Ministers‘ pool for sustainable development 2010, projects must have min. 50 % co-funding by at least one of the Council of Ministers‘ sectors. This means that external applications are not submitted directly to sustainable development. Instead, they must be submitted to to the appropriate sector at the Council of Ministers. To contact the relevant sectors, please refer to the Nordic Council of Ministers website.

Along with the application form you must attach a sector-specific project application, clearly stipulating the purpose, objectives, expected results, organisation, implementation, Nordic synergy, information activities and the link to the relevant sector programme.

Please note that the sectors must submit the applications to sustainable development by 1 December 2009.

Please address any queries to Mia Rahunen: