Geir Ellingsrud new Rector of the University of Oslo

Professor of Mathematics Geir Ellingsrud is the new Rector of the University of Oslo. This remains the result of the election on 29 September 2005, where Ellingsrud received 56,1 per cent of the votes.
The participation rate was a record high at this election, with 58,35% (academic), 54,98 (technical-administrative) and 12,3 (students). There were five candidates for the Rector position. Ellingsrud won after having promised a strengthening of the academic values such as scientific freedom, independence and critical thinking.

"It takes time to realise that I‘ve won, but I am very pleased that I gained so many votes among the academic employees", Ellingsrud says to Uniforum, the magazine for the employees of the University. Ellingsrud recently ended his period as Director of the Norwegian Researchers‘ Association, but does not see this as a problem in relation to his new position as Rector:
"No, I don‘t. I will not be the researchers‘ man at the University. In fact, I will work to gain a mutual respect between me and the other workers‘ associations as well", Ellingsrud states.

Geir Ellingsrud was born in 1948 and has been a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oslo since 1992. His field is algebraic geometry, and in the last few years also the grey zone towards theoretical physics. He and two colleagues were awarded the NAVF prize for his research in 1988, and he is vice-manager of CMA, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.

Professor Haakon Breien Benestad will become his prorector and Assistant Professor Inga Bolstad his vice rector. Ellingsrud takes over for the current Rector Arild Underdal in January 2006.
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