Joint Nordic supercomputer in Iceland

The national bodies responsible for high-performance computing in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are to build a joint supercomputer in Iceland. Supercomputers require a great deal of energy, so the decision will save the countries money.
Joint Nordic supercomputer in Iceland

Photo: Johannes Jansson,

Supercomputers are used a great deal in modern research and engineering science. High-performance computing (HPC) facilitates advanced scientific calculations and simulations, which are a prerequisite for much of the research and innovation that is so crucial to modern knowledge-driven economies.

The pilot project will seek to understand the organisational, political and technical challenges involved in the joint development and running of research infrastructure. It will also attempt to quantify the potentially significant price and performance improvements for supercomputers.

- Access to HPC infrastructure is necessary for any country with ambitions in research and innovation, says Rene Belsø of the Danish Centre for Scientific Computing.

The environmental impact is also considerable due to the high energy consumption. Iceland generates cheap power from carbon-neutral sources, making this particular initiative climate friendly as well.

The project is a collaboration between the Danish Centre for Scientific Computing, the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), UNINETT Sigma in Norway and the University of Iceland.


Article from, Sara Djupsund: Joint Nordic supercomputer in Iceland

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