Great Britain gets largest researcher union in the world

In July the two researcher associations of Great Britain will merge, which makes it the largest researcher union in the world with 116 000 members.
An overwhelming majority of the members decided to merge the two associations. From 1 July 2006 there will no longer be a University & College Lecturers’ Union (NATFHE) or an Association of University Teachers (AUT). The new union is called University and College Union (UCU).

"The outside world will not be able to ignore the views of those who work in HE and FE when deciding on future policy for both sectors", says Paul Mackney og Sally Hunt of the associations soon to be united.

Dr Steve Wharton and John Wilkin, presidents of AUT and NATFHE respectively, state: "As the largest further and higher education union in the world, UCU will be a voice to be listened to and respected by all."

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