Great interest in NordForsk Network Money

– A strong signal of Nordic researchers willingness to join forces at a Nordic level, says Director of NordForsk Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist. NordForsk received more than twice as many applications for network money by the deadline 2. April 2007, compared to 2006.
135 applications for funding of network collaboration between research communities within the Nordic countries and the adjacent areas are now being processed by NordForsk. The networks include a large number of researchers and PhD-students within numerous disciplines, and all five Nordic countries and Estonia are represented. “This confirms that we have succeeded in communicating NordForsk’s role to the research communities. Because NordForsk network money only supports the collaboration activities and not the research activities as such, this is also a strong indicator of the researchers’ interest in Nordic collaboration,” says Hakamies-Blomqvist.

Typical network activities are project meetings and workshops, PhD courses, network conferences, engaging of guest researchers, research journeys and journeys in order to share equipment and general research infrastructure within the network.

– Network collaboration among researchers from all over the Nordic region establishes critical mass and makes it possible to arrange specialized workshops and PhD seminars of a high scientific level, stated the network coordinators attending a seminar for newly established NordForsk networks 9 May 2007.

By supporting Nordic research networks NordForsk aims to bring together prominent research groups in the Nordic countries and the adjacent areas in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training at the Nordic, European and international levels. Read more about NordForsk networks.